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    Disc Selection & Blu-Ray

  • Does Ebox carry Blu-Ray DVD Discs?

    Yes! Ebox carries HD DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, and 3D Blu-Ray DVDs. You can browse for available Blu-Ray Discs at Ebox.co.in

  • Does Ebox rent movies that are still in theaters?

    Ebox usually carries movies after they’ve left theaters, but there might be exceptions for certain movies which depend on who own the rights for its DVD distribution. Ebox might also carry some titles that may have not been releases in theaters.

  • How often do new movies and games get added to Ebox?

    New Movies are added every week depending on the day of the release of the DVDs in the public market. New movie DVDs are usually released on Tuesdays. New Games are added to the Ebox as and when they are available in the market.

  • Is the inventory at my favorite Ebox location the same as other locations near me?

    Not necessarily. Inventory is based on the rental habits of the customers at each location and since discs can be returned to any Ebox location, inventory can get moved around from place to place. You can look up what’s in each box by searching location wise at Ebox.co.in