We Support Anti Piracy

About Us

Our vision is to create a company which will provide automated retail services to discerning consumers. With a growing segment of self service users and the evolving automation technology for retail businesses, our venture gives them the opportunity buy, rent and sell quality products at competitive prices. Our automated retail solutions provide convenience, real-time product selection from available inventory, product reviews, etc right from their homes and smartphones with a simple internet connection.

We believe in fair business practices, anti-piracy and complete customer satisfaction by providing original products to consumers.

Our first venture, EBOX, is into automated movies and games rental/sale kiosks. Future ventures will be related to self-service automated kiosks for clothing, medical supplies, electronic gear, etc.

About EBOX Kiosks

Ebox is the India's first fun, fast, easy way to rent and/or buy the latest new release movies on DVD or Blu-ray Disc® and the top new release and family video games using automated kiosks network. Featuring up to 200 titles and 800 discs in a single Ebox kiosk, it is a fully automated video rental kiosk contained in just under 12-square feet of retail space. All the kiosks are connected via internet to form a network of kiosks.

Few facts of Ebox are:

Convenient - The Ebox network kiosks are located where consumers already live and shop like – large residential townships, large grocery stores, restaurants within populated communities, etc.

Easy - Ebox's convenient rent-and-return anywhere® policy and simple touch screen rental process makes movie and game renting easy. To ensure a title of choice is there for pick up, consumers also can reserve a movie or game online or via the internet using computer or smartphones.

Affordable - Top new release movies are available to rent at an affordable price. Video games are available to rent at a fraction of the cost of ownership making it more fun for gamers to play most games.

Fun - Redbox features the latest release movies and games, with a selection of the most popular titles and family favorites. Online reservations, rent-and-return anywhere in the network and opportunity to watch a movie or a game at a fraction of the cost makes it fun for all ages.


We are supported by various content providers like Sony DADC, Aditya Music, Excel Home Videos, Volga, and backed by AP Film Producers Council.

Future Ebox plans include online streaming for movies and TV series.